Episode #1013: Leaving a Healthy Legacy with Shawn Tolleson

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Please welcome our guest – Shawn Tolleson!

Shawn is an American former professional baseball relief pitcher. His passion for optimal health was born in an effort to increase athletic performance and salvage a playing career that was interrupted and ended by injuries. Through this new found passion, Shawn uncovered the path to better health and is now helping clients, including Kevin Brady unravel the knot on their own personal health journey.

Now retired from the game of baseball, Shawn has become an entrepreneur, pursuing his passion for proactive, preventative health.

Shawn began Tolleson Health Advisors under the idea that knowledge without action is useless. He continually saw individuals who knew the changes that needed to be made, but were never provided with the necessary guidance, coaching, accountability, and encouragement to be successful.

Kevin and Shawn discuss some key health discoveries that Shawn wished he had known when he was pitching. Kevin and Shawn also explore the benefits of fasting – which Shawn is a hug proponent of himself. They also discuss sleep tracking and a get into healthy debate about a plant based vs. carnivore diet.

About Shawn
Tolleson Health Advisors partners with individuals to turn-back-the-clock on their health through a combination of ancestral practices and modern technologies. They cover topics like food, hydration, sleep, stress-management, genetics, exercise, environmental toxins, and more. The goal of his programs is to harmoniously blend modern societal norms with natural biological rhythms.

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