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At Advica Health, our mission is to give our members’ access to the best healthcare options – both at home or abroad. We help members obtain advice, treatment and solutions to their current healthcare situations in the most efficient manner possible.

We approach each case individually, creating a well thought out plan that will lead to the healthiest possible outcome. 

Putting "care" back in Healthcare.

Our Advica Health Team is ready to support your healthcare needs and help guide you to the right solutions. Backed by our network of leading clinics, doctors and specialists, caregivers and home support teams, we uncomplicate the healthcare system for our members.

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Invest in your best asset. Your employees

By providing virtual access to an additional network of doctors, specialists and wellness providers, we help create a workforce that is healthier, highly energized and motivated. This helps enhance the overall well-being and culture of your team, as well as impacts the financial success of your business.

Invest in your personal wellness

When experiencing a healthcare situation – whether physical or mental, finding your way to the right providers and diagnosis can be a daunting task. Our navigation team can help guide you to some of the best clinics, practitioners and treatment options available to effectively support your healthcare journey right from the start. We help give back your time and peace of mind.

Let’s Get Started

Life is complicated. Healthcare shouldn't be.

We approach each case individually, creating a well thought out plan that will lead to the healthiest possible outcome.

Our Care Partners

"I needed an MRI for an ongoing issue with my knee. My experience is MRI may take up to six months to get an appointment. I received immediate attention and excellent client support from the Advica Health Member Care Concierge team. The team arranged an appointment for me within two weeks! In my opinion, Advica Health is one of the best healthcare services available to individuals. Thank you to Shanell Jimenez and Stacey Wilson for being incredible professionals!"

Helping Advica members like Sangeeta get urgent healthcare attention when it matters most; that's the Advica difference.

Kudos to Shanell and Stacey for making this happen 🙌 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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Please join me in welcoming Dillon Vincentchurchill to the #Advicahealth team.
Dillon will work alongside our Director of Sales, Matt Brady, as our new Business Development Representative.
Welcome aboard! 🙌

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"As a #WOC in a leadership position, I am thrilled to be able to inform decisions and impact outcomes in a meaningful way at Advica. I am so proud of the fact that we are building a diverse and representative team. On #IWD I am glad that we get to celebrate all the amazing women around us, who are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and shaping futures - all while leading with empathy." - Aastha Sahni, Vice President.

At Advica Health, our team is comprised of 66% women from different cultures and backgrounds, and all bring a unique perspective that helps make a powerful impact on the healthcare navigation industry. Today we applaud all women, especially those in the healthcare industry, who inspire the next generation to lead by example.

#InternationalWomensDay #team #healthcare #leadership #IWD2023 #WomensDay #SeeHer

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Looking for ways to add years to your life? Our founder Kevin Brady shares what he does to sustain longevity through his exercise routine. Read the full article in the bio. ...

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We love hearing from our members and want to take a moment to celebrate our nurse navigation team for the fantastic job they do! 🎉🙌 Our nurse navigation team works diligently every day to provide Advica members like Mihae with the support they need to navigate the complex healthcare system and find timely solutions to their healthcare problems. For that, we applaud them and say a big thank you. 👏👏 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork ...

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When it comes to staying motivated to achieve your health goals, it's important to learn from titans in the industry who can inspire and help keep you motivated on your health journey. Here is our founder Kevin Brady's top health podcast picks to get you started.

➡️ For the Life of Me with Julie Piatt
➡️ Plantstrong with Rip Esselstyn
➡️ OnPurpose with Jay Shetty
➡️ Ben Greenfield Life Podcast
➡️ The Darin Olien Show
➡️ The Rich Roll Podcast
➡️ Nutrition Facts Podcast with Dr. Michael Greger
➡️Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
➡️Gladden Longevity Podcast

Which health-related podcast are you listening to right now? Comment below ⬇️

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Looking for something to read to kick off that new year's resolution to read more this year? We ask Advica Health Founder Kevin Brady what his top health book choices are; here are his top picks:

📘 Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus
📘 Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Dr. Kelly A. Turner
📘 Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally by Chris Wark
📘 Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging by Ben Greenfield
📘 SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome by Darin Olien
📘 Finding Ultra: Revised and Updated Edition by Rich Roll
📘 The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II
📘 How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger M.D. FACLM and Gene Stone

#readinglist #healthresearch #top2023 #books #knowledgeispower #healthandwellness #healthandwellbeing

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Even though our Advica Health team stretches from coast to coast in Canada, we still love to get together for the holidays. This year we took a moment to reflect on the past year's accomplishments, got to know each other better, decorated cookies, and shared some good laughs.

We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season ahead!

#happyholidays #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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Please join us in congratulating our Advica Health Founder, Kevin Brady, who represented Canada in the 2022 World Triathlon in Abu Dhabi last week. His finishing time was 02:48:38, making him 10th in the World and 2nd in Canada! 🙌🇨🇦🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻🏃🏼

#triathlontraining #founder #inspo #strivingforexcellence

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Our Director of Sales, Matt Brady, is helping to change the face of men's health by growing his mustache for 30 days in support of Movember.

Around the world, 10.8M men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer; on top of that, testicular cancer is becoming the most common among young men, and one man dies every minute of every day from suicide. Help stop men from dying too young.

Learn more 👉

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Congratulations to Jyoti Grewal, Head of HR at Lohmann Breeders Canada, who won a 1-Year Advica Health Gold Membership from entering our contest at this year's HR Summit Event held last week! 🎉🥳

Under the Gold Membership, you receive the following from Advica Health:
⛑ Health Navigation
👨🏽‍⚕️ 24/7 Virtual Health
💊 Prescription Support & Delivery
⛑ Medical Concierge
🧭 Mental Health Navigation
🩺 Family Doctor Finder
👩‍⚕️ Expert Medical Opinions
🧪 Access to preventative testing & specialist network
📍 U.S. Navigation
🇺🇸 U.S. Price Negotiation
🩸 Remote Blood & Urine Testing
⚕️ Monthly Subscription
🧑🏼‍⚕️ 60-minute Intake call with a Nurse

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Our Advica Health Team is ready to support your healthcare needs and help guide you to the right solutions. Backed by our network of leading clinics, doctors and specialists, caregivers and home support teams, we uncomplicate the healthcare system for our members. If you are interested in joining the Advica community or know someone who might need support navigating their own health journey, don't hesitate to reach out at

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On today’s episode, Ross Wilson joins us for an incredible discussion on the power of #kindness when healing from adverse life experiences. When Ross’ mother was diagnosed with cancer and Ross went through his own mental health struggles, he was inspired to make positive change and work towards meaningful actions for his community. During the pandemic, burnout amongst healthcare workers was widespread. Ross is using his knowledge in the field to partner with @mypsymood and help make mental health support accessible to larger groups of first responders and front-line workers. Psymood, a partner organization of Advica, prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching users to mental health specialists that understand their native language.

Check out the link in our bio for the full recording!

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Veronika Litinski serves as CEO at Pillcheck. Veronika is a medicinal chemist by training and she worked in capital markets in the United States prior to focusing on Digital Health. Previously she served as Practice Lead for Health at MaRS Discovery District and piloted the launch of a cognitive health assessment software company developed by the Baycrest Hospital.

Join Kevin and Veronika for a candid conversation about pharmacogenetics, why it is so important in choosing the right medications and more!

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At Advica, we give our members expert access to personalized health and ongoing care. From anywhere, at anytime. Interested in taking your health care experience to new heights? Reach out to us via our website! ...

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PODCAST ALERT 🚨 please welcome our mastery guest, Lois Nahirney, CEO of @dnapowerinc

By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to live a healthier life. Lois and Kevin discuss Lois’ own path to discover DNA testing and the profound impact it has had on her personal health journey. Lois also discusses the important information that DNA testing can reveal for one’s own health and the personalized lifestyle recommendations that testing can highlight in an effort to optimize wellness. Kevin and Lois also delve into our company partnership and what our Advica members can access through dnaPower service, with a step by step on how to obtain your kit and get started!

If you are an Advica member and interested in accessing dnaPower’s testing services, or would like to learn more about Special member pricing and claim an exclusive additional offer to Advica members only, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nurse Navigation Team.

Check the link in our bio for the full recording.

#newpodcast #podcastalert

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JUNE #Partner Feature! Curv Health is the leading virtual wellness & healthcare app in Canada that connects our members to top specialists across your mental, physical, and nutritional health. Curv’s Health team of virtual personal trainers, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, dieticians, certified diabetes educators, psychotherapists & mental health counsellors work in the top clinics across Canada. Advica has partnered with Curv to bring our members an exceptional offer, including one month of free health coaching and more ! If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to the Nurse Navigation team! ...

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We have a special guest join us on our very first Episode of Season 2 of the N2L podcast. Brett Belchetz is the CEO of Maple, Canada’s leading health platform for virtual healthcare.

Advica Health has recently partnered with @getmaple to offer our members an elevated virtual care experience. Brett and Kevin get into his initial idea of how to revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it, some challenges endured along the way, and on a more personal front, Kevin and Brett delve into some of Brett’s own daily practices to keep his own health in check.

Please join us in welcoming Brett Belchetz!

Seek the link our bio to watch or listen to the full recording on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube !

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#PartnerRepost• @mypsymood
Click on Spotify in the linktree on our bio to listen to the full episode!

Check out our podcast episode with Kevin Brady, the founder of, as he talks about his journey to Advica Health and the importance of having Workplace Mental Health Support.

Our #partners at Psymood ensure that our members feel heard when addressing their mental health issues. Their goal is to match them with specialists that speak their language and understand their cultural background. If you are a current Advica member and are interested in learning more, please reach out to the Nurse Navigation Team!

#mentalhealth #psymood #advicahealth #podcast

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