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Wellness. Access. Navigation.

Advica Health is a unique boutique-style navigation service, that allows our members to access an independent appraisal of their health circumstances, and to have a personal advocate on stand-by, to navigate their way through any type of health care experience and the complex health care system itself.

Our Aim

We, along with Ontario Physicians and Healthcare experts, agree that the Canadian healthcare system is grossly overburdened, greatly under funded, and highly challenging. Our aim is to educate, empower and enable members to make informed decisions, aligned to personal values and goals within today’s changing healthcare system. Our members are networked by our navigation team, to the very best health care resources available to them under the current publicly funded health care system, with access to privatized care where safe, appropriate and beneficial.


The Advica Health services are virtual and accessible to our members by telephone and e-mail, allowing access to all the benefits with the click of a button.

Health Care Navigation

Personalized boutique style health care navigation, which aligns to your unique health goals and wellness values.  Our team is dedicated to empowering patients on their journey to achieving optimal health. We help our clients by making connections, coordinating care, handling administrative matters, and educating patients – we encourage and empower you to take control of your health.

Medical Concierge Services

We aim to meet the unique needs of each of our members.  We offer: comprehensive health history intake with assessment of personal values and goals correlated to the health concern at hand, a diversified health care approach, access to integrative health experts for members who value blended forms of health care, correspondence with physicians and health care facilities on behalf of you as a member, clarification of language used in medical treatment planning and much more.

Executive Health Assessments

Executive Health Assessments at top Medical Assessment Organizations at preferred pricing to offer you a baseline health evaluation to target personal health risks, facilitate early diagnosis of disease, develop prevention strategies, and to advance treatment planning.

World Care Second Opinions

World-Class Second Opinions from World Care for independent re-evaluation of a current medical concern, to determine the most accurate diagnosis, and best treatment plans/options from a world-class consortium of top specialists and medical research facilities such as Mayo Clinic, Duke Medicine, UCLA Healthcare and Massachusetts General Hospital

Wellness Portal

An online service that will allows members to access personalized health reports, assessments and tailored programs and courses, specific to the member’s health information. This permits our members to actively take charge in promoting self-awareness and understanding of their own bodies and hence helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Customized Corporate Wellness Programs that are comprehensive, resourceful and designed to keep your employees and executives healthy and happy. Provides tools and personalized support programs that help improve employee health and reduce risk of disease. Wellness programs can help CONTAIN health-related costs and claims, INCREASE employee productivity, BOOST employee morale and confidence, and DECREASE absenteeism in companies.

Take Charge of YOUR Health

Collaborative care is the only way we can improve the overall healthcare experience for our members.

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Advica Process

How it all works

Members can contact us during business hours on weekdays, with after hours messaging. Virtual access is available 24/7 and on-the-go.

Healthcare navigation administrator will contact you to gather your healthcare information and medical history, in order to provide options and solutions unique to you and your needs.

Medical Directory and Advisory Board, comprised of Healthcare Professionals, extensively review and manage your case in collaborations with the Advica Health Network.

Our team helps you monitor, schedule, and navigate and access quality diagnosis and treatment based on your specific healthcare circumstance.

Follow-up and support to case closure and beyond. Ongoing access to healthcare team for specific questions and concerns.

Advica Health Time Line


Royal VIP Health Options

  • Offering Private Medical Concierge Services
  • 2nd Opinions
  • Discounted Executive Medicals


Medical Director & Advisory Board

  • Telemedicine Case Overviews


Re-Branded to Advica Health

  • Serving Individuals, Families, Businesses


Advica Health

  • Offering Private Medical Concierge Services
  • 2nd Opinions
  • Preferred Pricing for Executive Medicals


Boutique-Style Navigation Services to Corporate & Personal Members

  • Expansion of: Virtual Member Services


Goal: Launch of Comprehensive Prevention & Corporate Wellness Programs

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