Life is complicated.

Healthcare shouldn’t be.

Advica, guiding you every step of the way.

Invest in your best asset. Your employees.

Invest in your personal wellness.

Our Advica Healthcare Navigators are ready to take your call and help guide you to the right solution, backed by our network of leading clinics, doctors and specialists, caregivers and home support.

What our Members Say 

  • "Advica saved me from the added stress"

    Andree Jean
  • "Advica Health saves lives. Their team helped save my husband's life while we were away travelling and ran into a complex healthcare issue. They were promptly in touch with us and ensured we receive comprehensive and personalized support to get the issue resolved."

    Nancy MacKay
  • “I wasn’t comfortable with my daughter’s diagnosis. One quick call to Advica and they found us a better solution”.

    Julie Walker
  • "We implemented the Advica Wellness program with our staff members and their team helped organize both the online events and the on-site sessions with a personal trainer. The staff members were engaged in the fun activities and events, and we see this creating a long-term culture of health and wellness in our organization."

  • "I was shuttling through the healthcare system and trying to find answers for my medical concern for many months. The team at Advica Health helped me activate a virtual second opinion and connect me with the best experts in the world on my condition. Within a few days I had updates on my healthcare situation which I could now take to my local care teams and finally engage in some relevant action steps. It's a great program for all those that value their health!"

    Bernie Knowles
  • "During my recent Medical Emergency, the team at Advica Health was in direct contact with my doctors."

    Tim Brady
  • "We implemented the Advica Health and Wellness program a few years ago for all full time staff and have since seen a significant reduction in our benefit claims. Staff with medical issues are encouraged to contact their nurse navigators at Advica and are always helped right away.”

  • I had a seamless experience with the virtual nurse practitioner service. I was connected via phone and diagnosed for a bacterial sinus infection within minutes from the comfort of my home; and they even got my prescription sent to a nearby pharmacy within the next hour.   This service is a great time saver as it helped me deal with my healthcare issue in an effective and timely manner.

    Tursktra Lumber Employee
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