Episode #2002: Taking Total Power With Lois Nahirney

Dr. Lois Nahirney shares how the revolutionary new world of DNA information can provide unique and personalized insight into your everyday health to help you take targeted action to live a happier, healthier life. DNA testing provides foundational information about our bodies that we have never before had. It can now provide insight that allows us to make better decisions about our diet, fitness and health based on our unique genetic makeup. By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to live a healthier life. Lois and Kevin discuss Lois’ own path to discover DNA testing and the profound impact it has had on her personal health journey. Lois also discusses the important information that DNA testing can reveal for one’s own health and the personalized lifestyle recommendations that testing can highlight in an effort to optimize wellness. Kevin and Lois also delve into our company partnership and what our Advica members can access through dnaPower service, with a step by step on how to obtain your kit and get started! If you are an Advica member and interested in accessing dnaPower’s testing services, or would like to learn more about Special member pricing and claim an exclusive additional offer to Advica members only, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nurse Navigation Team. https://advicahealth.com

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